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About APVIA Awards

“APVIA Awards”, launched by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), aims to recognize organizations and individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the PV industry through achievements in the areas of capability development or innovation, with a further objective to promote the development and advancement of the solar PV industry in the Asia region. It is primarily an Asia-Pacific Award but not restricted exclusively to Asia-Pacific citizens.

APVIA Awards are presented in five categories – Industry, Technology, Education, Finance and Application, to organizations/institutions or individuals. These five categories will provide opportunities to honor established and emerging companies, research institutes, professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals across the entire photovoltaic industry. This will include power utilities, photovoltaic sectors as well as the merging sectors of energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy.

Categories of Awards

APVIA Awards are launched to honor the individuals, organizations or corporate bodies with outstanding merits in the following aspects in the previous year: 

1.APVIA Award - Industrial Contribution recognizes key PV players with outstanding business performance and industry leaders whose vision and achievements have influenced the whole PV community for the leading roles they have played in the development of the industry and the contribution they have made to the advancement of the industry in the previous year. This Award will be presented to: a) Enterprise; b) Individual.

2.APVIA Award - Technological Achievement recognizes universities/colleges, research institutes, enterprises and individuals (e.g. scientists, engineers, technicians, etc.) for their scientific and technical innovation in the PV industry and their efforts in the harnessing of new technologies, new materials and new techniques for the PV products. This Award will be presented to: a) University/Institute; b) Enterprise; c) Individual.

3.APVIA Award - Academic Contribution celebrates universities/colleges, training institutions and scientific research institutes for their contribution to PV practitioners’ education and cultivation, as well as enterprises which have attached importance to talents cultivation and sponsored related educational and scientific research institutes, or individuals who have made special contributions to talents cultivation. This Award will be presented to: a) University/Institute; b) Enterprise; c) Individual.

4.APVIA Award - Banking and Financing Initiative celebrates financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and funds, etc. for the financial support they have offered to PV industry and their continuous drive for innovative business models.

5.APVIA Award - Photovoltaic Application recognizes photovoltaic plant investors, developers, operators, engineering companies, etc. for their investment in photovoltaic plants as well as the successful cases they have achieved which can serve as development models. This Award will be presented to: a) Univerisity/Institute; b) Enterprise.

Judging Mechanism

1. The Judging Committee members of the APVIA Awards shall be appointed by the General Council of APVIA;

2. The Judging Committee of APVIA Awards is composed of leading industry pundits and senior government representatives, with one nominated as the Chairman.

3. The Judging Committee has the right to formulate detailed judging methods and criteria. Besides, the Committee needs to announce the judging methods and criteria before making professional judgment. 

4. Apart from professional judgment made by the Judging Committee, public evaluation, i.e. online voting, will also be included.

5. The results of the judgment are achieved through both professional judgment and public evaluation with public evaluation accounting for 20% of the final results and professional judgment accounting for 80%.